Destined To Die review added2016-07-05

A review of Destined To Die can be found linked in the information about Destined To Die in Releases.

Destined To Die release2016-04-03

It has been a while since Destined To Die was finished, and was supposed to be released. Just a year or two.. But now it is here!

Destined To Die
To order, visit the shop here >>>
If you prefer to send cash, I am accepting EUR/SEK. Please, contact me at facebook or via e-mail for further information.

Latest updates2014-12-16

Added a new (instrumental) track to youtube a while back. See it as the beginning of something more to come. Since the upload, I've started recording new material for another upcoming release.

Unfortunately, no news about the Destined To Die release. I hope to be able to get back on that matter soon.

Nostalgica (CD) in stores..2014-08-19

Date set for Nostalgica (jewel case)2014-03-25

Jewel case edition (500 ex) is set for 28th of March! It has been a while since the first release. Almost three years! But now it's time, So grab a copy!


New stuff on it's way 2014-03-02

I must admit that it's been pretty quiet from Humanus Hostia the past six months. There has been much to do, so the completion of the last songs for the next release has been a bit slow. But it is near the end of the process. Just one last song that needs the final piece to fit, and we're good to go...

No more HH @ myspace 2013-07-07

The Humanus Hostia profile on myspace will not be updated in any kind of way any more. Primary channels for Humanus Hostia will be this website, facebook and youtube.

Thanks for the support @ myspace. I hope to see you all on youtube or facebook!

Nostalgica CD released again 2013-04-19

After two years of waiting, it's finally here. Nostalgica is released once again (but now in jewel case) by the French label Le Crépuscule du Soir productions. Right now I don't know where it will be available for purchase, besides the obvious (LCDSP's website), but I will be posting links on the page releases as soon as I know more.

"Fantastic melodic Ambient black metal from Sweden. An explosion of emotions... The album is so melodic, its objective is not to scratch or show aggression but to give a simple intensity with the right tools and a powerful alchemy of songwriting." - LCDSP @ facebook

Website is up 2013-04-19

After a long and slow process, the website is finally up and running. There is still some parts missing, but nothing important. I'm just happy to be able to present Humanus Hostia in the best possible way; everything gathered in the same place.

If you want to keep updated, check in this site once in a while or visit Humanus Hostia at facebook.


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